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Apr 17th 2014
Vives, Diagne and Suarez declare for 2014 NBA Draft
Guillem Vives, Moussa Diagne and Alejandro Suarez submitted the necessary paperwork to declare for an entry into the 2014 National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft, scheduled for Thursday, June the 26h. There has been quite a bit of hype about the upcoming NBA draft. The general consensus has described it as one of the most loaded and deepest in recent years. Not since 2003 has a class featured so many potential stars. This year also features some highly touted international prospects, and amo...
Apr 16th 2014
Luol Deng Wins 2013-14 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award
Interperformances is proud to announce that Luol Deng of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been voted the 2013-14 winner of the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.  named after the second commissioner...
Apr 15th 2014
Dar Tucker's double double in France
One of the best players in last round's games of the French ProB was 25-year old American Dar Tucker of Maurienne. Tucker had a very good evening with a double-double of 29 points and 11 rebounds ag...
Apr 15th 2014
Stimac's great game in the Euroleague
Unicaja defeated Emporio Armani to finish their EuroLeague season on a winning note. Vladimir Stimac  posted 16 points to lead the Spanish team. The Serbian center also collected 4 rebounds an 3 ...
Apr 14th 2014
Donatas tarolis best player of the Lithuanian NKL
The names of the 2014 All-Lithuanian NKL Awards winners have just been announced and it's an honor to inform you that Donatas Tarolis has been named All-Lithuanian NKL Player of the Year -14 and young...
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