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Luigi Gresta
Birthdate: 11-03-1971
Nationality: Italian
Foreign languages: fluent English
Current team: Matera
Current league: Italy
Available: NO

Season Role Team League
15/16 Head Coach Matera Italy - Lega2
14/15 Head Coach Al Kuwait D1 - Kuwait
13/14 Head Coach Cremona Italy-Serie A
12/13 Head Coach Cremona Italy-Serie A
10/11 General Manager Jesi ITA- Lega2
09/10 Head Coach Scafati ITA- Lega2
08/09 Head Coach Potenza ITA- DNA
07/08 Head Coach Veroli ITA- Lega2
06/07 Assistant Coach Avellino ITA- Serie A
05/06 Head Coach Trapani ITA- Lega2
04/05 Head Coach Jesi ITA- Serie A
03/04 Head Coach Jesi ITA- Lega2
02/03 Assistant Coach Jesi ITA- Lega2
01/02 Assistant Coach Jesi ITA- Lega2
00/01 Assistant Coach Avellino ITA- Serie A
99/00 Assistant Coach Avellino ITA- Lega2

1994-1995 Team Manager Louisiana State University (NCAA)
2002/2003  Italian LegaDue Semifinals
2003/2004  Italian LegaDue Regular Season Runner-Up
2003-2004  Italian LegaDue Champion
Has a 47-43 (52,2%) record in his career as Head Coach in the Italian Serie A and LegaDue.

2003/2004   Superbasket Manager of the year 
2003/2004   Eurobasket All-Italian Lega2 Coach of the Year