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Luciano Capicchioni

President and Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Capicchioni

Executive Vice President

Herb Rudoy

Senior Advisor

Quirino Mancini

Legal Counsel

John B. Kern

Legal Counsel

Anna Maria Capicchioni

Press and Public Relations - Special Events

Simone Lusini

Director of Players' Skills Development

Pablo FIlloy

Recruiting and Players' Skills Development

Valentina Fabbri

Head of Women's Division

Gus Binelli

Regional Recruiter

Alessandro Valli

Regional Recruiter (Italy)

Bojan Tanjevic

Soccer CEO & Regional Representative (Serbia and Montenegro)

Jad Saade

Associated Representative (Lebanon)

German Filloy

Regional Representative (Argentina)

Damir Hasanovic

Regional Representative (Germany and Adriatic League)

Manel Bosch

Regional Representative (Spain)

Vadim V. Kouznetsov

Regional Representative (Russia)

Bartek Sabina

Regional Representative (Poland)

Giacinto Matarazzo

Regional Representative (Italy)

Nuno Pedroso

Associated Representative (Portugal and Angola)

Christian Santaella

Associated Representative Puerto Rico

Helmut Niederhofer

Regional Representative (Austria)

Gianni Chiapparo

Head of Coaches placement

Vrbica Stefanov

Associated Representative (Albania & North Macedonia)

Brandon Bridy

Area Manager (Philadedelphia)

Marco Biscaro

Associated Representative (Brazil)

Michael Paul Mc Millen

Director of Website and Visual AIDS

Luigi Gresta

Players' Recruiting

Ivhy Bejarano

Client Services Staff