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Bartek Sabina

Bartek Sabina

Regional Representative (Poland)

Poland -Wroclaw

Date of born : 24.05.1972

Education and job experience:Job profession: Lawyer, Sport and economic manager, basketball coach, sport agent

1996-2002 - Law degree from the University of Wroclaw

1993-1998 - Sport Manager degree at Academy of physical education in Wroclaw

1993-1998 - Economic degree Master of Business and Organisation.

1993-1998r - Basketball coach degree at Academy of physical education in Wroclaw 

Basketball carrier: grow up with Slask Wroclaw, NT member, finished pro basketball at U 20 because of serious knee injury.

Professional Carrier:

2002 : Lawyer, sport agent

1997-2002 – Sport and team Manager at Slask Wroclaw managed the best team period and success in club history occurring 4 years in Euroleague and 4 Polish Championship 

At the earlier 90's founder sport company sport invest.

Short  person profile:Lawyer, sport agent, basketball coach and economic manager its large and  multi-ways education helping and assure successful working in professional sports area, a lot of experience from the highest European level of basketball its my proud and making me ready to work with passion and big knowledge.