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What is full service?

Virtually every detail of the client's professional life is covered by Interperformances and it's world-wide reach. When a client retains us to represent his/her interests, we can be relied upon to:
  • Devise a pre-draft or pre-employment plan that best promotes the athlete's unique skills. In this regard, our staff interfaces with General Managers and coaches, arranges workouts and meetings, creates visual support (in the form of video and statistics) and thereby promotes the most favorable picture of the client's talents.
  • Negotiate the highest contract possible. Our track record is one of record-breaking contracts. We deliver!
  • Consider the tax consequences of each contract with emphasis on maximizing income.
  • Promote the player so as to maximize earnings on and off the playing field or court, both during the athlete's career and afterwards .
  • Market the player's name and likeness on a national, regional and/or a local basis.
  • Advise the client on all media, public relations and other promotional matters.
  • Advise the client on relationships with financial managers who are independent of Interperformances' in-house staff. We offer advice on the selection of brokers and on investments offered to the player.
  • At the player's request, we will open an account for him funded by his/her payroll deposits and will pay his personal bills from this account.