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Omoh_Ogoigbe Marilyn

Player Profile

BirthDate 1997/10/12
Height 6.2''
Country Nigerian
Available YES
Passport Import Players - Cotonou
Role Power Forward
Role Center
Omoh_Ogoigbe Marilyn
Omoh_Ogoigbe Marilyn

Omoh_Ogoigbe Marilyn


A team player whose main aim is to win in every tournament she plays in, an energetic hard worker with a solid achievements in sport and also a motivated leader with excellent communication skills and positive goal oriented. Marilyn isn`t the smoothest member of the squad but she could give you 21 points on 7-for-11 shooting from the 2-point line that shows how effective she`s in her shot selections. Her court vision and the thing about having a forward center who passes like a point guard is that she`s usually catching the ball in the heart of the defense, with all angles open. A player like Marilyn who can pass is like having your queen in the middle of the chess board. Because some categories like "Baselines Cut Off" and "Screens Called Out" don`t exist on a stat sheet, her true effectiveness is hard to quantify. She does not let a defensive possession pass without doing everything possible to keep all of her teammates in the exact right position, and because she usually has her head under the rim -- back to the baseline, eyes forward -- it turns out she`s the perfect person for the job.

2017: Sunshine Angels (D1)
2018: First Bank BC (D1)
2019: First Bank BC (D1), also Eko basketball league, lead her team to the finals of the league and won not only the Gold Medal but the Finals MVP of the league
2021: First Bank BC (D1)
2022: Bullet Women Championship (Gold medalist)
2023-2024: Customs of Lagos (D1): AWBL: 7 games: 2.1ppg, 3.3rpg


Bronze medalist in the league -2019
Best-Five of the league -2018
All-star honors -2018
Gold Medal in the league -2018
All-Rookie Team -2017
MFM Women`s Basketball Championship, Gold medal -2021
Abuja City League (Gold medalist). Winning lot of awards in the process. -2022
MFM Women`s Basketball Championship (Gold medalist) -2022
Crown Women Elite Championship (Gold medalist) -2022