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Davitkov Jordanko

Davitkov Jordanko


Highly motivated, oriented to success even in the hardest occasions, with strong personality always feeling hunger for improved and upgraded basketball quality. Among the opponents and in media circles, recognized as a great and unpredictable strategist, extremely capable of making highly valuated SWOT of performances of the competitors in order to decline the week sides and improve the strength ones, ad hoc, proceeding various strategies depending from a nature and capacity of a various competitions (depending from the performances of the competitor), which leads to the best results for the team. In basketball circles recognized as a “Master of positive turn-overs” for each team he leads

Head Coach:

2000-2001: Nikol Fert Gostivar
2001-2002: Nikol Fert Gostivar
2002-2003: In Feb.'03 joined Mac 91 Polo Trade Strumica, but in April '03 signed at Balkan Steel Skopje
2003-2004: Nemetali Ograzden Strumica
2004-2005: KK Fersped-Rabotnicki Skopje (Superleague)
2005-2006: KK Fersped-Rabotnicki Skopje (D1)
2006-2007: KK Fersped-Rabotnicki Skopje (D1)
2007-2008: Strumica 2005 (Superleague), left in Apr.'08
2008-2009: Ungmennafelagio Snaefell (Iceland-Express League), in Oct.'08 signed at Al Qadsia (Kuwait-D1)
2009-2010: Al Qadsia (Kuwait-D1)
2010-2011: Al Qadsia (Kuwait-D1)
2011-2012: Al Jahraa (Kuwait-D1)
2012-2013: Al Wasl Dubai (UAE-D1)
2013-2014: Al Wasl Dubai (United Arab Emirates-D1)
2014-2015: Al Wasl Dubai (United Arab Emirates-D1)
2015-2016: Al Shaab Sharjah (United Arab Emirates-D1)
2016-2017: Al Shaab Sharjah (United Arab Emirates-D1)
2017-2018: Banijas Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates-D1), in Jan.'18 signed at Al Qadsia (Kuwait-D1)
2018-2019: Al Qadsia (Kuwait-D1)
2020-2021: In Jan.'21 signed at KB Peja (Kosovo-Superliga), In Apr.'21 signed at CSM Targu Jiu (Romania-Liga Nationala)
2021-2022: CSM Targu Jiu (Romania-Liga Nationala),  



Macedonian Cup Winner -2001, 05

Macedonian League Semifinals -2001, 04

Head Coach: FYR Macedonian National Team -2001, 05-7, 17-19

Macedonian Cup Finalist -2004

Macedonian League Regular Season Runner-Up -2005, 07

Macedonian League Champion -2005

Macedonian League Regular Season Champion -2006

Macedonian Cup Semifinals -2007

Kuwait League Regular Season Champion -2009

Kuwait League Champion -2009-11

Golden 4 Finalist -2009

Kuwait Federation Cup Winner -2010

Head Coach: Kuwait National Team -2011

Pan Arab Games in Doha -11

Kuwait Federation Cup Finalist -2012

World Cup 2019 European Pre-Qualifiers -17

Head Coach: North Macedonian National Team -2019