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Monteiro Pedro Nuno

Monteiro Pedro Nuno


Coach Pedro Nuno is more than one of the best portuguese coaches of the moment, his international experience allows make us tell that surely he is one of the few coaches in the world with experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and with titles won in all of them. Is a coach who develops a strong work defensively in their teams and play an aggressive and modern basket style.
He's FIBA coach since 2014.

2019-2020: Al-Manama (Bahrain-Premier League) (Head Coach)
2018-2019: Korihait (Korisliga-Finland), signed in Jan.'19(Head Coach)
2018: G.S.P. (Algeria-D1)(Head Coach)
2017-2018: Illiabum Clube (LPB)(Head Coach)
2016-2017: Garzas de Plata Hidalgo (Mexico-LNBP)(Head Coach)
2015-2016: Santos de San Luis Potosi (Mexico-LNBP), left in Dec.'15 because financial problems in club(Head Coach)
2014-2015: Halifax Rainmen (Canada-NBL Canada) (Coach Assistant)
2013-2014: Illiabum Clube (Proliga)(Head Coach)
2012-2013: Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun (LNBP) (Coach Assistant)
2011-2012: Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun (LNBP) (Coach Assistant)
2009-2010: Vagos Norbain Lusavouga (LPB) (Coach Assistant)


Eurobasket.com All-Portuguese League Co-Coach of the Year -18


Liga Americas Final Four -12
Liga Americas Champion -12
Coach Assistant: Mexican National Team -12
Centrobasket in San Juan (Puerto Rico) -12
Portuguese Proliga Regular Season Runner-Up -14
Portuguese Proliga Finalist -14
NBL Canada Atlantic Division Champion -15
NBL Canada Finalist -15
Portuguese Cup Winner -18
President Cup in Baharain Winner -19

Bahrain League Regular Season Runner-Up -20
Bahrain League Finalist -20
Bahrain Cup Finalist -20