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Interperformances signs versatile point guard Jani Crawford

Interperformances signs versatile point guard Jani Crawford

Interperformances is glad to announce the signing of Jani Crawford, a quick and athletic combo guard who has transitioned into a point guard with a quick first step. She has a high basketball IQ, which allows her to understand the game at multiple positions and become very versatile. Jani's experience and leadership mentality make her an ideal candidate to run the offense for any team.

Jani is a strong and physical player who can get to the rim and finish consistently. She is great in transition with the ball in her hands or running the floor, and has a great mid-range jump shot. She is also a great 3-point shooter. Jani's shooting and playmaking ability make it easy to spread the floor, and her ability to get separation and beat initial defenders is phenomenal. She can score on all three levels and get others involved.

In addition to her offensive skills, Jani is also a great defender who loves to take charges. She has great rebounding abilities on both the defensive and offensive sides of the court. Jani is a coach on the floor type of player who loves competition and plays with high energy. She is a hard worker off the court, and is able to lead her team by being a great example of what a high-quality and high-character athlete looks like.

Jani's basketball career includes being named to the SSAC All-Tournament Team in 2019, the SSAC Tournament Finalist in 2019, and the SSAC Regular Season Champion in 2019. She played for Dyersburg High School in Tennessee, and later went on to play for Bethel University, Tennessee, where she was a starting five player.

Jani's latest achievement is her successful stint with Jerez in Spain, where she played in eight games, averaging 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. Her performance in Spain caught the attention of Interperformances, and we are excited to have her on board.

With her talent, experience, and leadership skills, Jani is sure to make a significant impact on the basketball court. We are excited to welcome her to the Interperformances family and look forward to supporting her in her future endeavors.