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Meet Shawnta Shaw: The Newest Talent Set to Shine with Interperformances

Meet Shawnta Shaw: The Newest Talent Set to Shine with Interperformances

Interperformances is proud to announce the signing of Shawnta Shaw, a promising young basketball player with an impressive track record. Hailing from the USA, Shaw is a skilled and agile guard standing at 5.2 feet tall. With notable achievements under her belt, including being a part of the Sun Belt Regular Season Championship team in 2020, Shaw has proven herself to be a valuable asset on the court.

Throughout her collegiate career, Shaw showcased her versatility and tenacity. Her statistics reflect her dedication and commitment to the game. In her most recent season at Jacksonville State University, she averaged 10.4 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 1.9 steals per game. Shaw's shooting percentages of 42.2% from the field, 31.8% from beyond the arc, and 71.4% from the free-throw line demonstrate her efficiency as a scorer.

Not only has Shaw excelled individually, but she has also contributed to her team's success. As a member of the A-Sun Tournament Finalist team in 2022 and the A-Sun West Division Regular Season Championship team in the same year, Shaw has proven her ability to make an impact and help lead her team to victory.

Interperformances is thrilled to welcome Shawnta Shaw to the agency and looks forward to supporting her as she continues to develop and make her mark in the world of basketball.