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With offices and representatives in fourteen nations, we represent more than three hundred clients who are currently employed by professional teams in over twenty countries. Interperformances is a full-service agency specialized in the representation of professional athletes the world-over. Interperformances is one of the largest and most dynamic sports agencies in the world. Headed by President Luciano Capicchioni, the company's clients play basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and baseball. The company's past and present clients include members of the NFL Hall of Fame, NBA All Stars and Rookies of the Year, Super Bowl Champions, NBA World Champions, European Basketball Champions, as well as European Football (Soccer) Champions League players.

With more than forty-eight years of experience, INTERPERFORMANCES is well known to all professional teams and clubs. General Managers trust and rely on our opinions and recommendations.

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PRP is an experienced, full-service sports management company; but, what separates us from the rest is our founding mission to provide the highest quality of representation and unparalleled personal attention to each client we serve.
We're dedicated to managing your career and securing your legacy in the world of sports, business and entertainment. We step-up where other agencies fall short. We not only open doors, we open better doors to a world of boundless opportunities that make a difference in achieving your goals.