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Ioannidou Nikolina

Player Profile

BirthDate 1994/01/30
Height 5.10''
Country Greek
Available YES
Passport Bosman A
Role Guard
Role Small Forward
Ioannidou Nikolina
Ioannidou Nikolina

Ioannidou Nikolina


Nikolina is an extremely talented shooting guard with a deadly 3 point shot. She has represented Greece in international competition as part of the U16, U18 and U20 national team.Nikolina can push the ball in transition, create her own shot off the bounce and can attack the basket when needed.She currently one of the best Greek shooting guards, as she mixes a huge talent with supreme court vision.Her experience and maturity belie her age making her a proven commodity, a calming influence and a great teammate.

2007-2008: Mask Cosmopel Kastoria (A1): 2 games: 1.5ppg
2009-2010: AO Serron (A2)
2010-2011: AO Serron (A2), then moved to DAS Ano Liosa junior team
2012-2013: GAC Eunikos (A1, starting five): 22 games: 11.9ppg, 4.9rpg, 1.4apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 39.7%, 3PT: 24.7%, FT: 61.7%
2013-2014: Ikaros Halkidas junior team
2014-2015: Athinaikos AS (A1): 15 games: 2.0ppg
2015-2016: Aris Petropolis (A1): 14 games: 8.7ppg, 2.5rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 37.7%, 3PT: 28.6%, FT-2(88.0%)
2016-2017: AO Sporting Athens (A2, starting five)
2017-2018: AO Sporting Athens (A2)
2018-2019: AO Eleutheria Moshatou (A1, starting five): 22 games: 7.5ppg, 1.9rpg, FGP: 40.2%, 3PT: 30.7%, FT: 73.7%
2019-2020: AO Sporting Athens (A1): 16 games: 4.8ppg, 2.2rpg, 1.3apg
2020-2021: AFMS Foinikas Peiraia (A2, starting five) 16 games: 4.8ppg, 2.2rpg, 1.3apg, 0.8spg, FGP: 37.1%, 3PT:22.5%, FT:25.0%


Season: 2019-2020 (Greece-A1)

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Season: 2019-2020 (Greece-A1)

10/13/2019SportingEleutheria M.77-79 1330-01-40-0000110010
10/20/2019SportingDafni Agioy76-65 2130-11-30-001104001-4
10/27/2019SportingPanathinaikos54-64 2051-21-20-2022130032
11/10/2019SportingChania74-65 1581-32-40-2033130004
11/23/2019SportingOlympiacos75-81 2630-11-50-011204011-3
12/1/2019SportingNiki Lefkadas76-65 2140-11-61-201113012-4
12/8/2019SportingEsperides58-65 3230-21-80-010113010-6
12/15/2019SportingGiannena74-69 3363-50-60-0156130020
12/22/2019SportingKronos AD89-92 1800-10-20-0134300124
1/5/2020SportingMelissia73-56 2581-42-40-0044120235
1/12/2020SportingEleutheria M.64-69 2981-32-90-0066311026
1/19/2020SportingDafni Agioy59-58 800-10-20-000001000-4
2/9/2020SportingChania83-75 3361-21-41-2000240313
2/15/2020SportingOlympiacos54-114 2863-50-40-0033300161
3/1/2020SportingEsperides71-74 2581-22-70-0011020203
3/8/2020SportingGiannena88-79 1651-21-10-0101320016