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Lucas Edmir

Player Profile

BirthDate 1993/07/15
Height 6.3''
Country Portuguese-Angolan
Available NO
Passport Bosman A
Role Guard
Lucas Edmir
Lucas Edmir

Lucas Edmir


"Pure Scorer. Excellent skills in the open court, Ed has a good change of speed which he uses to run a fast break in stages, he will beat one defender and then re-assesses the options on what to do next all whilst going down the floor at speed. A pure shooter, he has a very natural stroke and can score in bunches. Ed can get his shot off with ease against almost any defender and is comfortable off the dribble or can catch and shoot. Very comfortable driving with either hand and can pull up on a dime. A very quick first step either out of the triple threat or off the dribble. An excellent locker room guy, very popular among all his peers.

Brixton Topcats 
2010-2011: Westminster Warriors (England-U18): 22 games: 34.4ppg3.5rpg4.7apg1.2spg
2011-2012: Westminster Warriors (England-EBL, starting five): 12 games: 15.3ppg3.2rpg2.0apg, FGP: 47.8%, 3PT: 36.4%, FT-3(83.3%)
2012-2013: Desportivo 1. De Agosto Luanda (Division I): 70 games: 11.2ppg3.4rpg4.7apg2.1spg
2013-2014: Desportivo 1. De Agosto Luanda (Division I): 70 games: 16.3ppg5.3rpg4.7apg3.1spg
2014-2015: Desportivo 1. De Agosto Luanda (Angola-Division I): African Champions Cup: 7 games: 4.7ppg1.1rpg
2015-2016: Desportivo 1. De Agosto Luanda (Angola-Division I): African Champions Cup: 4 games: 3.0ppg1.3rpg1.5apg
2016-2017: Atletico Petroleos de Luanda (Angola-Division I, starting five)
2017-2018: Atletico Petroleos de Luanda (Angola-Division I, starting five)
2018-2019: London City Royals (United Kingdom-BBL, starting five): 32 games: 9.9ppg2.6rpg2.3apg, FGP: 49.0%, 3PT: 40.3%, FT: 71.9%
2019-2020: London City Royals (United Kingdom-BBL, starting five): BBL Cup: 13 games: 12.1ppg3.3rpg2.3apg, FGP: 42.9%, 3PT: 36.1%, FT: 81.3%; the team folded in Jan.'20, left later that month

2020-2021: London Lions (United Kingdom-BBL): 11 games: 6.0ppg, 1.4rpg, FGP: 91.7%, 3PT: 31.6%, FT: 80.0%; BBL Cup: 5 games: 2.8ppg, 1.2rpg


Westminster Warriors MVP -11
Led Division 1 in 3 point percentage -12
Angolan National Team -13-15, 17
African Champions Cup Winner -13
Angola U20 National Team -13
SADC ZONE 6 GAMES -13 (Silver)
Tournament MVP -13
Lusofonia Games in Goa (India) -14 (Silver)
Angolan Cup Finalist -14, 15
Selected for the Angolan Men's National Team for World Cup in Spain (DNP, because of injury) -14
African Champions Cup Quarterfinals -14
Angolan League Runner-Up -14
Angolan League Regular Season Champion -15
Angolan League Semifinals -15
African Champions Cup Semifinals -15
Angolan Cup Semifinals -16
Angolan League Regular Season Runner-Up -16, 18
Angolan League Champion -16
Angolan League Finalist -17, 18
British BBL Trophy Winner -19
British BBL Finalist -19

British BBL Finalist -19, 21

British BBL Regular Season Runner-Up -20, 21

British BBL Cup Finalist -21



London Lions v Leicester Riders (BBL – UK) – Edmir Lucas #2 Black
BOXSCORE: https://www.fibalivestats.com/u/BBL/1306862/

Bristol Flyers v London City Royals (BBL UK - CUP) – Edmir Lucas #6 white