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Reid Monique

Player Profile

BirthDate 1990/03/26
Height 6.1''
Country USA
Available YES
College Louisville
Passport Import Players
Role Guard
Role Small Forward
Reid Monique
Reid Monique

Reid Monique


Monique Reed is a 6-1 US Guard/Forward, a pure scorer that is coming from one of the best NCAA programs the University of Louisville. She had participated in two NCAA`s Final 4 with the team of Louisville and she was first scorer of the program for 2 consecutive seasons . She has a wide range of scoring ways, excellent moves and great post game. She can shoot very good from the perimeter and score under pressure. Reid is very strong near to the basket and reliable rebounder. Monique has big experience for her age, reads the game very well and she is a leader in the court.

2007-2008: University of Louisville, KY / Fern Creek High School
2008-2009: University of Louisville (NCAA): 36 games: 5.9ppg, 3.8rpg, FGP: 45.9%, 3Pts: 25.0%, FT: 67.7%
2009-2010: University of Louisville (NCAA, starting five): 32 games: 18.4ppg, 9.2rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 45.2%, FT: 80.7%
2010-2011: University of Louisville (NCAA, starting five): 35 games: 15.5ppg, 6.1rpg, 1.7apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 55.2%, 3PT: 11.1%, FT: 73.7%
2011-2012: University of Louisville (NCAA, starting five): 8 games: 13.1ppg, 5.2rpg, 1.0spg, FGP: 57.1%, FT: 80.6%
2012-2013: University of Louisville (NCAA, starting five): 30 games: 9.2ppg, 3.9rpg, 1.2spg, FGP: 52.7%, 3PT: 27.3%, FT: 70.6%
2013-2014: In Jan.'14 signed at evo New Basket Oberhausen (Germany-DBBL, starting five): 18 games: 14.9ppg, Reb-2(9.4rpg), 1.2apg, FGP: 49.7%, 3PT: 32.3%, FT: 78.1%
2014-2015: evo New Basket Oberhausen (Germany-DBBL, starting five): 20 games: 15.6ppg, 8.8rpg, 2.7apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 43.8%, 3PT: 26.1%, FT: 81.1%
2015-2016: BC Univ. Goldis ICIM Arad (Romania-Liga Nationala): CEWL: 4 games: 18.3ppg, 6.0rpg, 2.8apg; Romanian Liga Nationala: 14 games: 18.6ppg, 9.3rpg, 3.3apg, 1.8spg, 2FGP: 50.0%, 3FGP: 14.8%, FT: 72.2%, in Jan.'16 moved to Montana 2003 (Bulgaria-NBL, starting five): 19 games: Score-2(23.8ppg), Reb-3(10.8rpg), 3.4apg, Steals-5(2.7spg), FGP: 57.5%, 3PT: 29.0%, FT: 80.7%
2016-2017: Beroe Stara Zagora (Bulgaria-NBL): 17 games: Score-1(23.4ppg), Reb-3(10.6rpg), 3.4apg, 1.8spg, FGP: 49.8%, 3PT: 22.2%, FT-3(88.1%); WABA: 15 games: Score-1(21.9ppg), Reb-2(9.7rpg), 3.4apg, Steals-5(2.7spg), FGP: 54.0%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 74.0%
2017: Atenienses de Manatee (Puerto Rico-BSNF, starting five): 2 games: Score-1(24.0ppg), Reb-4(11.5rpg), 3.0apg
2017-2018: TSV 1880 Wasserburg (Germany-DBBL, starting five): 21 games: Score-4(18.6ppg), 9.0rpg, Assists-5(3.3apg), 1.9spg, FGP-2(59.6%), 3PT: 27.9%, FT: 81.1%
2018: Atlanta Monarchs (WBCBL)
2018-2019: Hapoel Petah Tikva (Israel-D1, starting five): 23 games: Score-3(21.3ppg), 11.8rpg, Assists-3(5.5apg), Steals-5(2.1spg), FGP: 49.7%, 3PT: 34.9%, FT: 81.0%
2019: Colegio Los Leones Quilpe (Chile-Liga Femenina, starting five): 11 games: Score-1(36.1ppg), Reb-5(11.8rpg), Assists-3(5.7apg), 2.3spg, FGP-2(67.4%), 3PT-3(44.6%), FT-2(86.8%)
2019-2020: Hapoel Petah Tikva (Israel-D1, starting five): 24 games: Score-2(21.8ppg), 9.7rpg, 4.5apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 51.3%, 3PT: 22.6%, FT: 81.9%, then joined Heliopolis Cairo (Egypt-D1, starting five)
2020-2021: Alexandria Sporting Club (Egypt-Superleague, starting five)
2021: Sporting Club Beirut (Lebanon-WLBL)
2021-2022: Alexandria Sporting Club (Egypt-Superleague, starting five)
2022: Teporacas de Chihuahua (Mexico-LMBPF): 1 game: 2pts, 1reb, 1block
2022: Al Fuheis (Jordan-D1, starting five): 13 games: Score-1(25.2ppg), Reb-5(9.5rpg), Assists-2(5.2apg), Steals-5(2.4spg), FGP-2(66.9%), 3PT: 31.3%, FT-12(87.5%)
2022-2023: Al Fuheis (Jordan-D1, starting five), then signed at Montana 2003 (Bulgaria-NBL, starting five)


WABA -23 (Player of the Week Rd.2)
Bulgarian NBL -23 (Player of the Week: 2 times)
Egyptian Cup MVP -20
Egyptian Cup Winner -20
Eurobasket.com Israeli League All-Imports Team -20
Eurobasket.com All-Israeli League First Team -20
Israeli League -20 (Player of the Week Rd.12)
Chilean Liga Femenina Champion -2019
Chilean Liga Femenina Group Centro Regular Season Champion -2019
Latinbasket.com All-Chilean Liga Femenina First Team -2019
Latinbasket.com All-Chilean Liga Femenina Import Player of the Year -2019
Latinbasket.com All-Chilean Liga Femenina Forward of the Year -2019
Latinbasket.com All-Chilean Liga Femenina Player of the Year -2019
Chilean Liga Femenina -2019 (Player of the Week: 5 times)
Eurobasket.com All-Israeli League Second Team -2019
Israeli League -2019 (Player of the Week Rd.16)
WBCBL Champion -2018
WBCBL Atlantic Division Champion -2018
All-Big East Conf. First Team -2010
NCAA Finalist -2009, 13
Big East Conf. Tournament Finalist -2009
Big East Conf. All-Freshman Team -2009
Big East Conf. Regular Season Runner-Up -2009
Egyptian Supercup Winner -2021
Arab Club Championship Winner -2021 (MVP)
Egyptian League Group A Regular Season Champion -2021
Asia-Basket.com All-Jordanian D1 League Top Scorer of the Year -2022
Asia-Basket.com All-Jordanian D1 League Best Assister of the Year -2022
Asia-Basket.com All-Jordanian D1 League Best Stealer of the Year -2022
Asia-Basket.com All-Jordanian D1 League Player of the Year -2022
Asia-Basket.com All-Jordanian D1 League Finals MVP -2022
Jordanian League Champion -2022
Jordanian League Regular Season Champion -2022
Egyptian League Regular Season Champion -2022
Egyptian League Champion -2021, 22